New compact and essential design, maximum ergonomics: reduced fatigue for the operator


  • 1 LED ultrasonic handpiece slim
  • 1scaling insert S1-S
  • 1 perio insert P3
  • 1 liquid container, 500 ml
  • 1 footpedal


The ultra-gentle scaling for sensitive patients.

  • mectron innovative SOFT MODE, allows a nearly painless treatment for patients and maximum comfort for clinicians.
  • Available in all the applications.



Slim ultrasonic LED handpiece with circular light – lightweight only 55 g!

touch keyboard

Exclusive multifunction touch keyboard with colour code according to the clinical indication.


3 functions with 12 different power settings

  • scaling and perio
  • endodontic
  • prosthetics  

flush function

Short flush cycle - to get the irrigation at the tip before starting the treatment; Long flush cycle - to perform an automatic cleaning cycle of the irrigation circuit at the end of each treatment.

independent irrigation

Independent bottle tank switching in different colour according to the clinical indication (capacity 500 ml).

wide insert range

More than 30 inserts available.
1 key 1 insert! Every insert is supplied with its own torque wrench to avoid cross contamination and to reduce the sterilization time.

Related Treatments

  • prophylaxis - supragingival scaling
  • periodontics - subgingival scaling
  • perimplantitis - implant cleaning
  • endodontics - cleaning of root channels
  • endodontics - revision of root channels
  • endodontics - retrograde

Inserts for mectron ultrasound units

  • Scaling

    Inserts for supragingival scaling  ...

  • perio universal

    Universal inserts for subgingival scaling ...

  • perio anatomic

    Anatomic inserts for subgingival scaling ...

  • perio anatomic 2

    Inserts for subgingival concrements and biofilm removal from furcations and deep pockets

  • implant cleaning

    Inserts for implant cleaning ...

  • endo

    Inserts for orthograde root channel cleaning ...

  • endo revision

    inserts for endo revision treatments ...

  • endo retro

    Inserts for endo retro treatments ...

  • crown prep

    Inserts for crown preparation  ...

Technical specifications

Device compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/745: Class II a
Classification under the IEC/EN 60601-1:II
Parts applied: type B (insert)
IP 20 (appliance)
IP 22 (pedal model FS-11 or FS-05)
Essential performance: 55 sec. ON - 30 sec. OFF with irrigation
30 sec. ON - 120 sec. OFF without irrigation
Appliance for intermittent operation:55 sec. ON - 30 sec. OFF with irrigation
30 sec. ON - 120 sec. OFF without irrigation
Power supply : 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Max. current :1,5A ( 24V)
Battery : The device is equipped with a backup battery, which can only be replaced by an Authorised MECTRON Service Centre.
Model: BR/CR 1220
Working frequency:Automatic scan
From 24 KHz to 36 KHz 
Power types:ENDO
Irrigation Circuit:Peristaltic pump flow rate:
Adjustable using the touch screen
7 levels of flow rate:
from 0 (0 ml/min) to 6 (33 ml/min ±10%)
Tank capacity: 500 ml.
Tank lighting system:
LED light power risk free according to standard IEC/EN 62471.
LED system of the handpiece:Function Light "on":
the LED light is turned on when pressing the pedal and stays on for the next 3 seconds after releasing the pedal.
White LED light power risk free according to standard IEC/EN 62471.
Protections of the APC circuit:Missing handpiece;
Breaking wire cord;
Insert not correctly tightened or broken;
Problems to the engine of the peristaltic pump;
Keyboard failure;
Unforeseen value of the supply voltage.
Wi-Fi / BLE operating frequency range2400 ÷ 2483.5 MHz , maximum set power limit 7 dBm
Operating conditions:from +10°C to +35°C
Relative humidity from 30% to 75%
Air pressure P: 700hPa/1060hPa
Transport and storage conditions: from -10°C to 45°C
Relative humidity from 10% to 90%
Air pressure P: 500hPa/1060hPa
Altitude lower than or equal to 3000 metres
Weight940 g
Size (W x L x H)161 x 214 x 171 mm
Warrantydevice 2 years; handpiece and handpiece cord 1 year




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mectron ultrasound - Periodontal Debridment, upper jaw - Dr. Marisa Roncati