Ramus Buccal Shelf Grafting: Piezoelectric Surgery with Dr. Michael Pikos

This presentation will feature the use of Piezosurgery for ramus buccal shelf bone grafting. It will focus on harvesting mandibular autografts utilizing Piezosurgery with step by step protocols and video cases.

Corticotomy-assisted orthodontics with Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva

In this webinar, the clinical benefits of corticotomy to assist orthodontics will be presented. In addition, a step-by-step description of the technique as well as indications and general aspects will be highlighted.

25.09.2020 | Como
An evidence-based educational path in maxillary sinus augmentation: the lateral and crestal approach with Prof. Tiziano Testori

There are many patients with atrophic posterior maxilla requesting fixed prostheses. When the residual bone height is below 4 mm sinus lift procedures remain the most viable therapeutic options. Sinus lifting techniques have evolved over the last 25 years to a point where sinus grafting surgery is considered to be one of the most successful augmentation procedures performed today with high survival rate of implants placed in these grafts and their prostheses.[...]

07.11.2020 | Santa Margherita Ligure - Genoa
PIEZOSURGERY® technology and its advantages in oral and implant surgery with Dr. Domenico Baldi

The course is focused on learning the Piezosurgery® technology and its advantages for applications in oral and implant surgery.

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