The initial equipment for easy and safe implantology

surgical kit

The surgical kit contains everything we need for the placement of the REX PiezoImplant TL 1.8, from the PIEZOSURGERY® inserts for the preparation of the site, to the IPD nozzle for the correct placement of the implant.

Kit equipment:

  • drivers 
  • piezosurgical inserts 
  • implant facsimile 
  • IPD inserts

IPD (Implant Placement Device)

IPD (Implant Placement Device) is the magnetic percussion instrument used for the correct press-fit placement of the REX PiezoImplants.

Equipped with:

  • handpiece
  • wrench
  • footpedal


For a correct placement of the REX PiezoImplants, it is necessary to use PIEZOSURGERY® and its specific REX inserts.