starlight sx5

starlight s

Built-in version

The starlight sx5 can be easily built into a dental unit – the ergonomic handpiece can be positioned simply in the quiver (its holder). Starlight sx5 has two curing modes: „fast” (10 sec) and „slow rise” (20 seconds with slow progression in the first 3 seconds).

starlight s sler coupling

starlight sx5

  • starlight sx5 handpiece
  • starlight sx5 cord
  • black optical fiber


Technical specifications

Device compliant to Dir. 93/42/CEE: Class IIa
Classification as per EN 60601-1:

Type BF
IP 20 (unit)

Power supply voltage: 24 Vac 50/60 HZ  
33 Vdc supply double insulation
Max. power absorbed:9W
Fuses315 mA T (Not included in the mectron supply)
Device for intermittent operation: 120 sec ON 40 sec OFF
Light source:High-luminosity LED with optics  
Dominant wavelength: 440 - 465 nm  
LED light emission: > 1.400 mW/cm2  
Average life: 1,800,000 cycles, 20 seconds each
Optical fiber:

Diameter 8 mm
Composition: Drawn coherent fibers surfused in transparent quartz  
Autoclave sterilizable (max. temp. 135°C for 20 minutes - max. 500 cycles).

Exposure:Fast: Exposure time 10 seconds - Acoustic signals indicating start and end of exposure  
Slow rise: Exposure time 20 seconds - Acoustic signal at the start, after 10 seconds and at the end of the 20 seconds  
The cycles can be stopped or repeated at any time
Operating conditions:from +10°C to +40°C
Relative humidity from 30% to 75%
Pressure of air P: 800hPa/1060hPa
Transport and storage conditions: from -10°C to +70°C
Relative humidity from 10% to 90%
Pressure of air P: 500hPa/1060hPa
Weights and sizes65 g
 L 148 mm, max. Ø 22 mm
Warrantydevice 3 years