A revolutionary and innovative system

REX PiezoImplant features

1. Flat coronal fin:to reduce the pressure on the cortical bone and encourage neo-osteogenesis
2. Machined surface:for an easy removal of bacterial bio-film in the event of bone resorption
3. Macro grooves:to boost spongy bone neoformation
4. Sagittal fin:for non-traumatic press-fit insertion and greater primary stability
5. Micro grooves:to encourage osseointegration in the cortical bone 
6. Prosthetic platform:standard Ø 4.1 mm external hexagon, for easy prothetisation 

7. Grade 23 Ti alloy:


less Oxgen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Iron for high strength, superior fracture toughness, good corrosion resistance and high toughness.


RBM (Resorbable Blast Media) Surface Treatment

The treatment this implant undergoes is considered one of the most reliable. In fact, REX Piezolmplant is treated with a hydroxylapatite sanding process and passivated in acid (RBM) to increase its contact surface with the bone and encourage its osseointegration. 



Large contact surface

The macro and micro geometry of REX Piezolmplant, alongside the RBM surface treatment, ensures a notable bone contact surface compared to traditional implants of a similar size.

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