20 Years of PIEZOSURGERY® technique


2001 Launch of worldwide first PIEZOSURGERY®unit at IDS

2005 First implant site preparation, more than 30 studies published

2011 The 4th generation of PIEZOSURGERY® unit

2015 The only 0.25 mm strong, osteotomy insert OT12S presented

2019 REX PiezoImplant, the first implant exclusively placed with PIEZOSURGERY®

what the inventor says

“When I started developing Piezoelectric Bone Surgery over 20 years ago, I never expected that Piezosurgery® would redefine all bone surgery. That is why, when in 2005 a Grand Master of Periodontology from Harvard University defined it as a new paradigm, I was truly gratified.  In fact, in the years that followed, piezoelectric bone surgery became a clinical reality all over the world, not only because of my personal commitment, but also thanks to the intense work done with colleagues at the International Piezoelectric Surgery Academy (IPA). All this has shown that using Piezosurgery® does not only offer extraordinary intra-operative control and preserve soft tissue, but also reduces surgical trauma, which in turn stimulates a more positive tissue healing response than the cutting techniques that had previously defined bone surgery. Everyone's commitment to improvement year after year has been rewarded with the trust of an extraordinary number of surgeons and, above all, the satisfaction of the patients treated.

Prof. Tomaso Vercellotti, Inventor of PIEZOSURGERY®


Mectron launched the first PIEZOSURGERY® device in 2001. Today we are with the 4th generation


Already 18 clinical indications can be covered with PIEZOSURGERY®


PIEZOSURGERY® is available in more than 80 countries


More than 90 different inserts have been developed. Exclusive production in Italy, distributed all over the world


Over 250 scientific and clinical studies have been done about the benefits of original PIEZOSURGERY®


More than 30.000 PIEZOSURGERY® units have been sold worldwide