starlight ortho

starlight ortho Polymerisationslampe


designed for the special needs of orthodontist

  • cures all current materials used in orthodontics efficiently and fast
  • exposure times of 5 sec and 10 seconds
  • allows curing of a few brackets up to a whole quadrant, with the push of one button




starlight ortho

  • starlight ortho handpiece
  • starlight ortho charger
  • 8 mm optical fiber, black with metal click-clack connection
  • optical protection



starlight lamps are effective on camphoroquinone, used as photoinitiator in 98% of the materials on the market. They emit light on a wave-length comprised between 440 nm and 480 nm with a peak at 460 nm.

technical advantages


sterilizable, coherent, fibre optics conductor, Ø 8 mm


exclusive connection in metal ensures an optimal light beam transmission


sterilizable, simple to apply to the optical fibre


it does not require a fan as it develops no heat – silent



the smooth, continuous and compact surface enables perfect disinfection



constant light power regardless the charge level



the double acoustic signal is activated when the battery is still sufficient for 6 cycles


  • green control LEDs indicating mains supply and signalling consent for charging process and power output
  • in case of problems a yellow LED will flash


  • integrated radiometer which checks the power output
  • result indicated by a LED


  • lithium-ion battery with no memory effect   
  • charging time only 120 minutes
  • capacity of 640 cycles with 5 seconds

Technical specifications

Device compliant to Dir. 93/42/CEE: Class I
Classification as per EN 60601-1:

Type B
IP 20 (recharging unit)
IP 20 (handpiece)

Power supply voltage: recharging unit: 100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz 15 VA
handpiece: lithium-ion battery, 3.7 V 1100 mAh
Charging time:About 2 hours
Device for intermittent operation: 120 sec ON 40 sec OFF Max 3 times running
Light source:High-luminosity LED with optics  
Class 2 M (IEC 60825-1) LEDs  
Dominant wavelength: 440 - 465 nm  
LED light emission: > 1.400 mW/cm2  
Average life: 3,600,000 cycles, 10 seconds each
Optical fiber:

Diameter 8 mm
Composition: Drawn coherent fibers surfused with quartz  
Autoclave sterilizable (max. temp. 135°C for 20 minutes - max. 500 cycles).

Exposure:Exposure time 5 seconds - Acoustic signals indicating start and end of exposure  
Exposure time 10 seconds - Acoustic signal at the start, after 5 seconds and at the end of the 10 seconds  
The cycles can be stopped or repeated at any time
Operating conditions:from +10°C to +35°C
Relative humidity from 45% to 85%
Pressure of air P: 800hPa/1060hPa
Transport and storage conditions: from -20°C to +40°C
Relative humidity from 45% to 85%
Pressure of air P: 500hPa/1060hPa
Weights and sizesRecharging unit: Weight 555 g
L - W - H 96 x 120 x 58 mm  
Starlight pro handpiece: Weight 105 g
 L 198 mm, max. Ø 23 mm
Warrantydevice 3 years