Please find following an overview of available inserts for cavity preparation.
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CVD technique

mectron cavity prep inserts are 10 times as durable as traditional diamond coated ultrasound inserts. The innovative chemical vapor deposition technology is a new manufacturing procedure which allows the carbon molecules to grow directly on the insert steel surface, the continuous diamond surface and its high adherence to the metallic rod being the key difference.

The result: the inserts are ready for extensive use and come with maximum durability. 

The new technology is characterized by important clinical advantages like the reduction of local anesthetics, the decrease of uncomfortable noise, the preservation of soft tissue, extended durability, improved proximal finishing, reduced risk of hitting the adjacent tooth and lack of metal contamination.

conventional insert – aggregated diamond powder in its metallic matrix

CP insert – homogeneous stone of diamond

CP inserts consist of a continuous film of diamond without a metallic binder between crystals, preventing the contamination of the tooth by metal ions usually present in the binder matrix of conventional burs.


45° angled insert, spherical tip (1.7 mm Ø) with CVD coating