prophylaxis powder sensitive -
glycine powder

subgingival air polishing with mectron glycine powder

Glycine powders have much smaller particles (D50 < 25 μm) than sodium carbonate powders and are water soluble. They have a sweet taste.

Allows safe and efficacious removal of subgingival biofilms in patients receiving periodontal maintenance care. The removal of intra-oral biofilm in patients with orthodontic appliances and the prevention or treatment of peri-implant infections can be added to the extensive list of air-polishing applications with easyjet perio and  mectron glycine powder.

reduction of pocket depth

The use of a glycine powder leads to a reduction in pocket depth comparable with conventional scaling and root planing*. The benefit is easier handling, faster treatment and better patient acceptance. Patients report less pain and a more pleasant taste with glycine powders.



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