08.05.2017 | Wien
XX Anatomical Surgery Course

Dear Colleague,It ismypleasure to introduce you to some of the highlights of this course.Unlike many others, this is a course of surgical anatomy and not adissection course.This is a customized course: participants fill out a form; which allows theorganizers to understand what is most relevant for each attendee and thusbe able to "customize" the course to suit all specific needs.It is an independent course, not a corporate course. There are manycompanies involved but only for technical support. This gives theparticipants the opportunity to work with complete systems of cuttingedge equipment and tools, expertly simulating the dental clinic workenvironment.Students will work on fresh specimens, instead of fixed, with arteriesperfused with a special rubber resin that makes these important anatomicalstructures visible just as in vivo.Each participant will have his/her own workstation and specimens.All the participants will have the choice of unaided performance or tutorialguidance for all the procedures included in the program. There will bedentistry tutors present for surgery-related requests and anatomy tutorspresent for the requests related to anatomy.The course includes 20 hours in the anatomy room, during which allattendees will be able to perform any procedure requested in the correctmanner.Every participant will have free use of surgical material and instruments.No specific equipment needs to be purchased by participants in orderto get full value fromthis course.I hope to welcome you to Vienna soon and to share with you the motto:"Knowledge above opinion"!

Prof. Mauro Labanca

01.09.2017 | Krems-Stein, Austria
Master of science aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry (msc)

Specialize in a field of dentistry with a Master of Science degree programme at the Danube Private University (DPU) in Krems; study in English together with an international group of dentists seeking to implement the very latest developments in their practice. All whilst also getting to know the culture and nature of Austria.

Course organization and conditions of participation

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